7 Suggestions For Visiting Asheville, Nc, From A Local
Jan 03, 2023 By Sean William

It is simple to see why Asheville, North Carolina, is considered one of the most popular destinations throughout the southern United States. The city is located in a valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. It boasts the highest concentration of breweries per capita in the eastern United States, the weather is ideal, and it is known as a "food utopia." During peak summer weekend periods, there are typically more tourists than inhabitants in the city, making it difficult to obtain a local perspective. Here are some local recommendations to help you enjoy your stay.

Asheville's "Hidden Season" Is Winter

Locals of Asheville enjoy the months of November to March. The mornings can be chilly, but the daytime temperatures average in the 50s. It is typically dry. We receive an occasional sprinkling of snow, and when we desire more, we may go to the mountains. But most importantly, Asheville comes alive with local energy during the winter. We swarm all the prominent restaurants, breweries, comedy clubs, music venues, and parks, where we would have to wait in line for hours or fight terrible parking conditions throughout the rest of the year. Consider a winter visit to Asheville if you want to experience a more local atmosphere. Hike Carvers Gap to Roan Mountain after a heavy snowfall!

Wake Up Early

Around 10:00 a.m., Asheville begins to bustle. Therefore, if you set your alarm for the wee hours, you will have the city and mountains to yourself. You should plan on waiting more than an hour if you want to eat at famous breakfast spots like Sunny Point, Early Girl, Mississippi Honey, or Biscuit Head. (And you must eat at these establishments!) If hiking is on your plan, the trails will be empty in the morning. This also makes parking considerably simpler. Aim to arrive at popular trailheads by 9 a.m.; however, you are not required to arrive at the crack of dawn.

Asheville Is A Hospitality-Driven City, So Pay Attention To Gratuities

Tourism is one of the largest industries in Asheville. It is also a low-wage industry in a city with a high cost of living. Locals know that every person is struggling, so we do our best to provide mutual aid. i.e., we tip well. If you list less than 20% in restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and other establishments where you engage with workers in the hospitality business, you will immediately stand out as a tourist.

The Food In Asheville Is That Excellent

It is difficult to eat poorly in Asheville. The city is filled with local producers, farm-to-table eateries, microbreweries, and barbeque. Some of the top restaurants throughout Asheville are also the most popular tourist destinations. Locals and tourists alike enjoy dining at popular spots including 12 Bones, Rhubarb, Chai Pane, Sunny Point, Rhubarb, & French Broad Chocolates. The best part is that no one will stare at you if you show up in shabby hiking attire because the dress code is casual nearly everywhere. Reserve a couple of months in advance during summer weekend dining at upscale establishments; reservations are required. Only some eateries can accommodate large groups.

The Biltmore Estate Is Exorbitantly Expensive

The Biltmore Estate, constructed by the Vanderbilt family, is one of Asheville's most popular tourist destinations. Tickets include a personality tour of the house, unrestricted access to the gardens and trails, and a wine tasting. The mansion is intriguing, and the springtime gardens are breathtaking. However, a visit will cost at least $76 per person. Not even remotely worthwhile.

Locals, Like The Plague, Avoid Wicked Weed

Most likely, the most well-known brewery in town is Wicked Weed. However, Budweiser acquired it a few years ago, and residents are still extremely upset about it. (Ashevillians have an excellent preference for supporting small enterprises over chains.) The brewery tour is lovely, as well as their beer is terrific, mainly if you prefer sour beers. But if you want to mingle with locals, you should visit Burial, Dissolve, or Twin Leaf, all of which are within a few blocks of Wicked Weed. Or, avoid the crowded Southern Slope breweries as well as visit Highland or French Broad Brewing instead.

There Are Serious Mountains Here. Every Year, Visitors Encounter Issues

Locals in Asheville enjoy hiking, biking, and running. Five mountain ranges comprising the highest peaks somewhat on the East Coast, over 500 waterfalls, as well as thousands of miles of trails are easily accessible. Sadly, far too many tourists need to pay more attention to the Carolina Mountains. Yes, they are smaller than the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. However, our trails are rocky, steep, unkempt, and frequently unmarked. In addition, the weather is unpredictable; the infamous "smoky" fog can sweep in at any moment and confuse even the most skilled navigator.


Asheville is a delightful, dynamic city with thriving art and cultural community, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. It is a beautiful location to unwind, explore, as well as experience the best of North Carolina.