Get To Know About The Best Places to Visit in South America in 2023
Aug 27, 2023 By Juliana Daniel

South America has an incredible amount of tourist attractions and has a lot to offer; all its 12 countries, with their diverse and appealing landscapes, compel you to spend a peaceful and fun time with your family, loved ones or solo, experience the calm beaches, enjoy raw and pure nature.

Traveling by Air is the best option for transportation; you can visit as many places as possible quickly, and all the Airports in the region are modern and well-maintained. As per the mode of communication, English is largely understandable by most of the population; however, Spanish is the primary language in almost all countries except Brazil, where they speak Portuguese.

From lively nightlife to beautiful mountain terrains and white sandy beaches to tropical weather and green nature, you can spend quality time there with all the modern facilities, architecture, history, and clean infrastructure. So, let’s learn more about this place in detail here!

Best Places to Visit in South America

It's a bit complicated to rate all the places as it's subjective to one choice and varies from individual to individual. Still, some of South America's best places to visit are discussed here in this article!


Brazil is the most populous, indigenously rich, and largest country in South America; with its diverse landscape and vibrant culture, it's one of the most favorite traveling destinations; although every part has something to offer, few cities are worth visiting.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is famous worldwide for many reasons; the city offers a diverse and dynamic life according to everyone's taste, from high rises to parties at the beach and luxury hotels to quite little cafés. It has a pie for all. Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain is a famous attraction that gives a bird eyes view of the whole city and beaches.

Ipanema and Copacabana beaches are always filled with people, parting, enjoying, and indulging in different water sports and similar activities; on top of this, the dine-in experience, street food, and street café culture are many things in Rio, you can enjoy your vacations in this unique city that offers hilly mountains and ocean with stunning views.


Manaus is located right at the entrance of the Amazon region; if you are a wildlife lover or want to explore the lungs of the world, this city serves as a gateway to it; although you can also enter to Amazon from Colombia and Peru, this town has a fun and colorful nightlife, the people are also friendly adding to the overall ambiance of this comparatively small city.

You can also book a guided tour on a cruise, which can take you deep into the Amazon, where you can also interact with the indigenous people and tribes, closely experience their culture and learn many new things. Manaus also shares its border with two twin cities, Leticia (Colombia) and Tabatinga (Brazil), both accessible by boat; you can ride, spend a little time there and then come back for dinner.


Peru is home to one of the oldest civilizations known to humans, although a small country with amazing history, art, culture, and architecture. If you are a person that has an interest in history, breathtaking landscapes, and tropical weather, Peru is a must for your bucket list.

Machu Picchu

It is rated as the top destination in South America, one of the world's seven wonders. Located at an elevation of 7700 ft, it is one of a kind experience; guided tours are compulsory, which explains to you all for better understanding.

As a limited number of tourists are allowed per day, booking your tickets in advance is advisable to avoid any hassle; It is accessible through the city of Cusco, and you can take a direct flight from Lima, the capital of Peru, to Cusco.


Although it's famous for its history of drug cartels, Colombia is a beautiful country with lively people. Its big cities show you a glimpse of their culture and daily life but apart from that, other tourist attractions make it a worth visiting place.


Medellin is described as a modern world nomads' hub place; through this incredible opportunity, you can connect, exchange languages, and share hostels with people of your life; it's not just that the nightlife of Medellin is also lit, and there are plenty of options to take when it comes to Hotels, Airbnbs, and Hostels.

The cheap internet and coffee shop culture give a unique traveling networking experience. If you have enough of the city life, you can take a day trip to Gautape, an extraordinary rock formation with 649 steep steps that bring you to the top, where you can enjoy the city top.

Ecuador Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador are a gift for travelers who love wildlife and nature; their diverse ocean life gives you a glimpse of many incredible underwater creatures. Iconic sea turtles, manta rays, sea lions, and rare sea living beings are waiting for you to be explored and experienced.

Other fun activities like cruises, trekking, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are there to bring more excitement. Still, Galapagos Island, with its beautiful white sandy beaches and volcanoes, is not cheap and not for budget travelers.

Montevideo Uruguay

Uruguay is a small country in South America, yet its capital city of Montevideo gives you the feel of an ancient city with its well-maintained historic buildings and architecture; along with that, the music scene of Montevideo elevates your mood. If you are in Uruguay and want to explore beaches, Punta Del Este is famous for its coastal life with very happening beach life.

Final Thoughts

South America is blessed with nature, from lush green mountains to rocky formations, its deep-rooted indigenous culture, crystal clear sandy beaches, a series of islands that are not less than paradise, rich history, architecture, and amazing people; you have plenty to discover, travel, explore and experience.