Advice For Eco-Friendly Vacationing In Greece
Dec 25, 2022 By Sean William

The climate problem is here; this is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It's encouraging to know that, with concerted effort, we can mitigate climate change's negative consequences to a considerable degree. You've probably learned a lot about why cutting down on transportation-related carbon emissions is crucial.

You may already be using energy more efficiently and recycling to reduce your household's environmental impact. But how can you work to protect our planet if you always yearn to explore new places?

Strategize Your Vacation

Before you book your hotel, give some thought to a few environmental aspects. All-inclusive deals are not worth it, even if you're staying at a decent hotel. These bundles contribute significantly to the expansion of our ecological footprint.

Consider all the gas released into the atmosphere because of vehicles. While the sight of such a large variety of exotic, out-of-season foods on the table is pleasant to the eye, we could do without them. They're responsible for a substantial portion of the world's wasted food, a significant problem.

Avoid Driving

Save money on a vehicle rental when you can get around the city just as quickly on foot or by bike. It's a terrific way to exercise and will do sightseeing with kids a blast. In addition, you may hire electric scooters in almost any area of Athens or other of Greece's major cities.

Bicycles aren't the best choice for getting around on the congested highways downtown, but the pedestrian streets near Plaka and the Acropolis are fine. In Athens, you won't have any trouble getting around, thanks to the city's reliable public transportation system.

It's important to remember that a city bus generates a lot less carbon dioxide equivalen than a vehicle or cab. As is apparent, a car is required to reach farther locations, such as the Meteora. In this situation, carpooling is your best bet.

Carry Reusable Shopping Bags

The numerous street sellers in Monastiraki sell adorable trinkets, and it's hard to walk past their stalls without picking up a few as a memento of your visit. When you return to your hotel, you will probably have many bags and plastic-wrapped gifts.

However, plastic bags take up to a thousand years to degrade. Even if they decompose, they'll still leave behind microplastics. Due to their ability to soak up and distribute toxins, these microscopic particles contribute to soil and environmental pollution.

Many manufacturers now provide reusable bags that are kind to the environment. They are also sold at standard grocery stores. You may select from various styles and colours to suit your current disposition. Even when your trip is over, the positive image of Santorini on a homemade bag will brighten your day.

Carry A Water Bottle

For a hot summer day, the average individual must consume at least 2 litres of water, equivalent to 4 small bottles of mineral water. Bringing your bottle eliminates the need for a single disposable one. Doesn't it feel great to know that even a seemingly insignificant action may profoundly affect our planet?

Any location will suffice for a refill. You may use a Greek restaurant's restroom without raising eyebrows if you are not a paying patron. Many establishments now provide filtered water to customers at no cost.

The tap water in the capital and other major cities is safe to drink. However, if you are travelling to a more remote area, like an island or a tiny town, you should inquire about the water quality.

5. Keep It Clean

Unfortunately, some locals should also abide by this guideline. As a result, inhabitants in some areas of the city may be less concerned with keeping the streets clean than others. You still have time to set an example; others may try to emulate your success.

You may choose which items to throw out during your Airbnb stay. The blue trash can is for trash, so that's where you should put all of your plastic and paper scraps. Do yourself a favour and carry a second bag to the beach with you so you may fill it up with the trash you find there.

Taking action now will ensure that your next holiday in Greece includes time spent on one of the world's most beautiful beaches. An excellent approach for foreigners living in Greece to meet people and make new acquaintances is to participate in organized cleanup events.

Participating in a beach cleanup with them is a great way to meet other individuals who share your concern for the environment.