Get To Know About Stunning UK Coastal Campsites You Don’t Want To Miss
Aug 26, 2023 By Sean William

With the summer vacation season rapidly coming and the days getting longer and brighter, now is the time to begin researching the top seaside campgrounds in the United Kingdom to visit in 2023. Camping spots along the British coast range from those tucked away in secluded coves to lofty cliff tops with panoramic views of golden sands, and they're all very breathtaking.

While you may locate a campground in many places near the ocean, finding one on the coast can be challenging. You won't have to spend hours researching your alternatives; this article covers the southeast coast of England and northern Scotland.

Each coastal campground is within striking distance of the water or features a breathtaking ocean view. If you're seeking campgrounds conveniently near the shore, you've come to the right place! Here are some of the UK's best Coastal Campsites You Don't Want To Miss.

5 Best Coastal Campsites In The UK

Treen Farm Campsite

The coastline between Penzance and Land's End is one of the most underappreciated parts of Cornwall, with its abundance of Mediterranean-style beaches. The magnificent sands of Porthcurno and the turquoise waters of Pedn Vounder make this part of Cornwall a must-see.

Treen Farm Campground is conveniently located between these two beautiful beaches. This beautiful campground has been in operation for five generations of one family. Only a magnificent meadow populated by Guernsey cows, whose milk is sold in the camp store, separates the property from the cliffs and the ocean.

There is no need to make a reservation if you arrive early or during the week to get a pitch. The area has several notable attractions, including the Logan Rock Inn and the Minack Theatre, an outdoor amphitheater on the cliffs above the ocean.

Clachtoll Beach Campsite

Scotland is the best place in the United Kingdom to go hiking, so it's no surprise that it has some of the best seaside campsites for hikers. Clachtoll Beach Campsite is one of the nicest seaside campgrounds, and it comes highly recommended by many people.

It's hard to put your finger on what makes this area so exceptional, yet no one can dispute the breathtaking views and tranquil atmosphere, not to mention that it's located in the middle of nowhere in Scotland's far northeast!

It is rural Scotland at its finest; it is family-run; it has safe, golden sandy bays on its doorstep; it has opportunities to see whales and dolphins; and it is close to the geological marvel of Split Rock. The campground is green and pet-friendly, located close to Lochinver Village.

Southwold Camping and Caravan Site

At the better end of Southwold, near a Harbour at the mouth of the River Blyth, you'll find a static caravan park on the right side of Ferry Road. It is less obvious that this council-owned facility also provides a variety of touring sites with easy access to the wide beaches of the Denes, the seafood stores along that harbor, and Dani Church's row-boat ferry to Walberswick. The site, 200–208 at the back, is the most secluded and benefits greatly from the new bathroom building.

Bert's Kitchen Garden

One can enjoy an ocean view only by pitching on Bert's new beach field next to the rocks and shingle of Trefor Beach. Good high-water fishing for mackerel, cod, whiting, and bull huss may be had from the remnants of a pier, and dogs and campfires are welcome here.

But the true sights are in the surrounding woods and meadows, where crop circles and other strange artificial structures stand out amid the wildflowers and abundant wildlife. The proprietors have developed more than just an eco-campground with composting toilets, limited internet access, and no imported soaps or shower gels policy (Bert's replacement is provided free of charge).

Thanks to the excellent pizzas and beverages at the onsite restaurant, an abandoned farm has been upcycled and repurposed into a revolutionary retreat. Maybe all campgrounds will look like this one day.

Troytown Farm Campsite

Troytown Campsite is situated on St. Agnes, the southernmost inhabited island. It provides the best views of the ocean and the opportunity to spend their days lazing on the beach, preparing meals over an open fire, and watching the sunset from the comfort of their tents.

The campground caters to families with its natural, traffic-free setting and abundance of kid-friendly activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. There are many places to eat and shop on the island and opportunities to go on wildlife and fishing excursions and boat journeys to other islands. Camping mats, chairs, and stoves may be rented, and a store offers ice cream, farm vegetables, and camping gas.

Even though the campground claims that you are welcome to visit at short notice outside of peak periods, it is recommended that you reserve in advance due to the high demand for camping in Troytown throughout the summer. Groups of all kinds are welcome at the campground, including educational and scouting expeditions.


Finding a country with more breathtaking landscapes than the UK would be difficult, making it an ideal camping destination. Tens of thousands of campsites dot England's national parks, farms, and miles of shoreline, from Cornwall's southern point to the northern terminus of Hadrian's Wall.

We've compiled a list of camps in many campgrounds and campgrounds around the country to bring you this hand-picked compilation of the top options. Whether you're searching for a rustic tent site in the Lake District, a fun spot for the whole family to camp by the ocean, a luxurious honeymoon retreat in the heart of the New Forest, or anything in between, we have you covered.