Ecotourism Will Help You Explore Karpathos
Dec 25, 2022 By Sean William

The island of Karpathos represents one of Greece's best-kept secrets. Karpathos, a Greek island located about 233 kilometers (145 miles) northeast of Crete, has some of the most outstanding snorkeling beaches worldwide and enough rough hiking cliffs to pump your adrenaline. At the same time, Mykonos and Santorini pull hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Ecotourism on Karpathos is a great way to get to know the island's unspoiled natural beauty and rich cultural history. A core value of the island is the protection of natural resources and the improvement of the standard of living of the local population, both of which are fostered through ecotourism. One of the best ways to get to know Karpathos and do one's bit to help the island's long-term sustainability is via ecotourism.

While the southern side has a bustling town with developed tourist infrastructure and several hotels, the northern side provides a quieter retreat with more unique lodging options, such as guesthouses, apartment-style motels, and small family hotels. The whole island's northern half and the adjoining mountainous uninhabited island of Saria have protected areas that are part of the Natura 2000 reserve and Greece's newest maritime park region. The island is home to various rare plants and animals, including the critically endangered monk seal (Monachus Monachus).

Here Are Some Examples Of The Available Activities On Karpathos.

Trekking And Envisioning The Ancient Way Of Life

You won't have to go very far from the port town of Karpathos in order to reach the unspoiled wildness of the island, which was originally inhabited by shepherds who lived off the land. Taking a trip to the protected areas designated as Natura 2000 in Northern Karpathos is not something that the vast majority of people do, but it is something that you need to consider doing. On your journey to the abandoned settlement of Argos, you may have the opportunity to herd goats and sheep, investigate empty tunnels, and make pit stops at breathtaking sights along the shore.

Low Impact Activities

Saria Island, easily accessible from Karpathos by motorboat, is off-limits for all purposes. Those seeking a low-impact ecotourism experience would love snorkeling at Palatia bay's azure waters. As one of the most significant spots to go snorkeling in the world, Karpathos has some of the world's most transparent water. Although the island's wild donkey's magnificent limestone cliffs entice brave travelers, the island's true wealth lies hidden under the waves. Snorkelers and divers who go into the bay's spectacular underwater caves may encounter a wide variety of marine life, from trumpetfish and sea urchins to grouper and sometimes even dolphins.

Marine Conservation

The accumulation of plastic garbage on the beaches of Karpathos, as is the case with beaches all throughout the Mediterranean, has a harmful influence on the extraordinary and delicate biodiversity of the Mediterranean. Spend some time in the water, and then look for sites where you can help clean up rubbish that can't be recycled. After that, return to the land and continue your hunt. If you follow these measures, you will have left the island of Karpathos in a better condition when you go.

Tradition, Culture, And Cuisine: Olympos Community

The ancient way of life in Greece may be experienced to the fullest in the quaint little village of Olympus, which is located in Greece. Macarons are a kind of hand-made pasta that is popular in Greece, and residents of Olympus are frequently seen selling freshly collected herbs while dressed in traditional garb. Because it is home to a large number of independently owned shops, Olympos is an excellent location in which to search for a memento that is really one of a kind. The stones used in the one-of-a-kind jewelry items sold by ND Creations come from a beach in the immediate area, where the company is based. Karpathos is the ideal location for ecotourists, ethical travelers, and those who are looking for adventure in a natural setting that has not been altered by human activity since it offers a multitude of accessible ecotourism activities.


Karpathos's monk seal population island is among the world's most extraordinary. The island has been designated as an "Important Bird Region" in Europe by the Ministry Of Environment and forests of the Karpathos-Saria protected area. The caverns are home to endangered owls and bats, and the area teems with salamanders, frogs, and serpents.