Top 6 Things To Know Before Visiting Atlantic City
Jan 04, 2023 By Sean William

The following advice is aimed at those planning their first vacation to Atlantic City. It is one of the best places to experience the excitement of being a high roller because of all the exciting opportunities it provides.

Although it is best known for its casinos and extensive boardwalk, there is much more to see in this famous city on the Jersey Shore. Still, a vacation to Atlantic City might have a few hiccups if you are still getting ready. If you want to make the most of your first vacation, you should know a few things.

We have created a list of helpful hints for first-time visitors to Atlantic City, including information on public transit and restaurant suggestions. Be careful, but make the most of your stay at "America's Playground."

Ride The Rails To Atlantic City

Atlantic City is situated near the Northeast Corridor, making it a breeze to reach by train. You can reach Atlantic City in a few hours from the big Northeastern cities of Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC. The 30th Street Station in Philadelphia provides daily service to the Atlantic City Rail Terminal.

To save money, it is best to purchase your ticket in advance for the trip along the Atlantic City Rail Line, which will take around 90 minutes. You may catch a shuttle from the Atlantic City Rail Terminal to any of the city's main casinos.

Book Your Hotel Midweek

There are more hotel rooms available midweek in Atlantic City since it is off the radar of weekend tourists from New Jersey and neighbouring states. Finding a hotel room on the weekend in Atlantic City may take a lot of work, despite the city's hundreds of hotels and resorts.

Additionally, weekend rates are often higher, and you'll have less money to spend at the casino. You could discover even better hotel deals if you avoid making reservations on Fridays and Saturdays. Midweek hotel getaway packages are available, and they may include things like dinner vouchers, admission to a show, and more.

Remember To Bring Cash

Fees for using an ATM at a casino can pile up quickly if you aren't a customer of a bank that has an affiliation with the establishment. There is a growing problem of gamblers needing help locating an ATM affiliated with their own bank within the casino and incurring unnecessary fees due to human error.

If you want to save your hard-earned money waiting in line at an ATM, the easiest thing to do is carry just the cash you expect to play at the casino. There are plenty of ATMs and branches of major banks close to the casinos in Atlantic City if you feel you need more time to bring a large amount of cash with you.

Travelling A Taxi Is Cheap

In contrast to other tourist hotspots in the US, cab fares in Atlantic City are reasonably priced and convenient. It's easy to hail a cab from the streets around the city's many casinos and other tourist hotspots. The capped cost passengers pay before tip is why cab fares may be reasonably priced.

Unless you travel beyond the city limits, your taxi journey will only cost $13. You and your group of up to five may ride to the other side of town for as little as $2.60, including gratuity, thanks to the vehicle's spacious interior.

Avoid Birds On The Boardwalk

Be ready to thwart cunning birds on the Atlantic City Boardwalk before you visit. As a result of their aggressive nature and tendency to steal food from tourists, seagulls in Atlantic City have developed a notorious reputation. Birds can fly within a few inches of your head, so keep an eye out for poop.

The abundance of people eating sugary and salty treats on the promenade attracts seagulls. Birds are not uncommon to steal food from your hand as you eat. Due to the birds' habit of snatching snacks from people, authorities in neighbouring Ocean City have resorted to using falcons and hawks to scare them away.

Drink Free When Gambling

If gambling at Atlantic City's casinos is why you came here, there's a way to get free cocktails while you play. The secret is determining who deserves more compensation and giving it to them.

No matter how long you spend at the slot machine or how many hands of poker you plan on playing, you may always get a drink from the floor service at no additional cost. If you tip well, your waiter or waitress will bring you any drink you like. Everything you need, from your go-to cocktail to a pick-me-up brew, will be provided.